We specialize on small business and our focus is on adopting our services to your actual needs and deliver a great personalized Internet experience.

We have exhaustive experience working with servers, web and everything Internet, and will be happy to assist you with:

Introduction to the Internet for the Novice

Next steps for the small business

We make sure all those seemingly small insignificant behind-the-scenes tasks that you don't normally notice, actually get taken care of in a proper way.

As you will notice, our focus is on the consulting and the actual technical side. For that reason we do not do web-design (HTML/CSS/imagery). We can, however, provide complete one-stop flexible web-hosting, making sure your website scale correctly, is fast, has a high uptime, and of course use only the resources you actually need.

Intermediate and Advanced Internet concepts

Aviso importante: En este momento tenemos la agenda llena. Para asegurar una calidad de servicio alto a nuestros clientes actuales, no aceptamos nuevas encomiendas hasta nuevo aviso.