About Your Business

We specialize on small businesses and our current and past customers come from a broad range of backgrounds including businesses with an already established presence on the Internet, web development companies, as well as those completely new to the web.

Correctly choosing and registering domains, setting up web-host accounts, configuring email, FTP access, and generally administrating web servers and associated accounts can sometimes be obscure as well as time-consuming.

Whether you have no internet skills in-house, or no interest in learning all the nitty-gritty details of getting up and running, or quite simply have no spare time, we can help.

Working with Koolex.net offers you a cost effective way of bringing specialized skills and experience into your business.

Important notice: At this time we are fully booked. Until further notice, and in order to ensure ongoing quality of great service for our existing client base, we will not be taking on any new client assignments. Sorry for the inconvenience.