We specialize on small business and our focus is on adopting our services to your actual needs and deliver a great personalized Internet experience.

We have exhaustive experience working with servers, web and everything Internet, and will be happy to assist you with:

Introduction to the Internet for the Novice

Next steps for the small business

We make sure all those seemingly small insignificant behind-the-scenes tasks that you don't normally notice, actually get taken care of in a proper way.

As you will notice, our focus is on the consulting and the actual technical side. For that reason we do not do web-design (HTML/CSS/imagery). We can, however, provide complete one-stop flexible web-hosting, making sure your website scale correctly, is fast, has a high uptime, and of course use only the resources you actually need.

Intermediate and Advanced Internet concepts

Important notice: At this time we are fully booked. Until further notice, and in order to ensure ongoing quality of great service for our existing client base, we will not be taking on any new client assignments. Sorry for the inconvenience.